BASTA: The BAyesian STellar Algorithm

Welcome to BASTA’s documentation!

BASTA is a python-based fitting tool designed to determine properties of stars using a pre-computed grid of stellar models. It calculates the probability density function of a given stellar property based on a set of observational constraints defined by the user.

Current stable version: v1.1.5

Please follow the repository on GitHub to get notifications on new releases: Click “Watch” then “Custom” and tick “Releases.

References and acknowledgements

There are two articles containing the rationale, main features, and capabilities of the code:

Please consider citing these articles if you use BASTA in your work, and include the link to the code’s repository

Due to its versatility, BASTA is used in a large variety of studies requiring robust determination of fundamental stellar properties. We have compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of papers using BASTA results that showcases these applications. If your paper using BASTA results is missing from the list please contact us.


The core developing team are:

  • Víctor Aguirre Børsen-Koch

  • Jakob Lysgaard Rørsted

  • Mark Lykke Winther

  • Amalie Stokholm

  • Kuldeep Verma

Throughout the years, many people have contributed to the addition and development of various parts and modules of BASTA. We welcome further contributions from the community as well as issues reporting. Please look at the section Contributing to BASTA for further details.

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